Exhibitor Information and Application

We’re still accepting applications on a rolling basis- there are just a few spots left!


District Rebel will be held Saturday November 24, 2018 at Dock 5 at Union Market in Washington, D.C. The show hours are from 11am to 5pm. We are receiving generous support from American Express and Etsy to produce this market for Small Business Saturday at a deeply discounted rate.

This is an indoor market. Booths are 10′ wide and 6′ deep. Electricity is available. Almost every space will have access to electricity but if you’d like to put in a request, you can do so on the application. There is no fee for electricity. Other booth amenities are listed in the “fees”section.

You must bring all materials necessary to set up your booth.

Booth sharing is not available at this time.

You must be ready to sell at 11am and you are not permitted to tear down before 5pm. The building will be open for you to set up at 9am Saturday morning.

About a week before the show we will send an email with detailed load-in, show, and load-out information.

The venue has room for approximately 65 booths, so you don’t have to worry about getting buried in a large market.

Application Timeline

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until November 3.

There is no application fee. Late applications will automatically be placed on the waiting list but you will NOT receive a waitlist notification.

You will receive an email with acceptance, waitlist, or denial within 8 days of your application being received.

Booth payment is due by November 4.
There will be no refunds for cancellations this year due to the show being very soon.

After you submit your application, you will receive an automated email from Wufoo with a summary of your submission. This serves as confirmation that your application was successfully received by us. If you do not receive an email, check spam before reapplying.


The application calls for 5 photos of your work. Please name the files with your business name.

Please choose your best work and limit the file size to 500KB. We do not accept photos by e-mail.

We will be promoting using holiday gift guides. Choose one photo for each category you wish to be a part of. This is a voluntary submission.

Jury Information

We will be curating items for quality and uniqueness, and also to maintain a balanced mix of mediums. This is an indie craft show that only allows handmade, well curated vintage, made under your direction with your design, home grown, or artisanal prepackaged food items, and we will be selecting items that best fit the Indie genre. If you’re not sure what that means, we’re looking for art + crafts made with a modern, unique twist and cohesive branding. Since this is an indie show, we will NOT be accepting work that resembles fine art, fine craft, country crafts, or folk art (basically this is a craft show, not an art fair, so really high end work will be a tough sell for the audience we’re providing).

If you bring work that was not included in your application or approved by the jury, you will be asked to remove it.

The application calls for a business name and active Etsy shop. These are requirements. If you do not have one or both of these, please obtain them or you will not be permitted to apply.

Due to our partnership with Etsy, it is required that your Etsy shop is open, active, and has at least ten listings at the time of application AND during the show. You are also required to use Square.

Miscellaneous Information


We’ll be advertising extensively using Social media as well as our partnership with Etsy and American Express. We may get some air time on local news channels. We’ll also be passing out fliers across town, working with the folks leasing us the venue, and social networking, with a heavy marketing force on Facebook and Instagram. Every penny not spent on show necessities (venue rental, printed materials, etc) is spent on advertising to ensure a robust crowd of buyers!

Etsy will be pitching maker stories, so individual artists may be asked for press materials in promoting the market.


The fee for a single space is $135. Double spaces are not available.

If you would like to request a corner space, please do so in the application. The fee for a corner space is $155.

If you would like to request a wall space, please do so in the application. You are allowed to tape items to the walls. There is no added fee for wall spaces. Half of the wall spaces will have an ~1.5′ deep table/counter height ledge. When we release the booth layout, you will be informed if you have a space with a ledge. The ledge will not count towards booth area, so don’t worry about that.

There are very few corner+wall combination booths so we may be unable to grant a wall if you request a corner space.

We will be collecting the booth fee via Paypal after acceptance.


Vendor must provide their own displays. You can do whatever you want within your booth space as long as it is not hazardous or disrespectful of your neighbor’s space. Vendors refusing to comply will be asked to leave. Booth sharing is not permitted and double spaces are not available.


We will provide some complimentary snacks and drinks. We will work towards a lunch option and will provide more information to accepted artists if this is an option.


Since the show is juried, we reserve the right to deny applicants if we believe the items are not handmade or vintage and we will be capping saturated categories to prevent buyer exhaustion. We reserve the right to remove vendors the day of the show if the items being sold are not within our requirements. Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, or any of the other types of catalog/MLM businesses are not eligible to participate in District Rebel. Your application will not be considered unless all required information, including the submission of 5 photos and an active Etsy shop, is provided on your application. Please realize that we will likely receive an overwhelming number of submissions for jewelry and bath + body products and can only accept a handful to keep the show balanced.

Set Up

Limited help is available during load-in and load-out if needed- just ask in advance. Several handcarts/wagons will be available for you to borrow if needed. Please realize that we will likely have no extra chairs or tables on hand so you absolutely must remember to bring your own. Detailed set up instructions will be provided several days before the show.

Other details

The event is free to the public and will be completely indoors.

The event is coordinated by CREST team leaders but this is not an exclusive CREST event. You do not need to be a member of CREST to apply or be accepted, but we encourage anyone in the DMV area to join CREST!

Have any other questions? Contact us at districtrebelmarket@gmail.com

You will vend at your own risk. You cannot hold Union Market, CREST, Etsy, or American Express responsible for any damages to yourself or your property. It is your own responsibility to carry your own liability insurance and applicable licenses and tax IDs to sell your items. However, we do not need to see these items and they are up to your discretion.

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements are grounds for removal from the show without a refund.

In clicking the “I agree” button on the application, you agree to all of the above conditions.

If you’re ready to apply, follow the link: https://maydayunderground.wufoo.com/forms/zm8z29a1ksp1f8/